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 Spring 2017 Ju-Jitsu News

Welcome back!

Out with the old and in with the new as we kick off the New Year with gaining a new Junior Black Belt for our club. A massive congratulation goes to Katharine Howard who successfully gained the highest accolade all martial artists aspire to.

The club is very proud of her dedication and commitment for the last 5 years; impressive to say the least for someone so young. Also, a big well done to everyone else whom graded on the day. For more pictures and details go to otleyheatlhandmartialarts.co.uk to have a look.

Food for thought!
Learning Ju-jitsu should be considered a long winding journey, not something to be rushed. Saying that, as instructors we know the importance of steady progress and how gaining the next tab or belt keeps motivation.
Emphasis shouldn’t be put on “collecting” tabs or belts but rather to learn the techniques in depth, thus embedding the true skills of Ju-jitsu.

As parents, we can help by explaining the importance of tenacity and commitment and the rewards that comes with such, remembering that
          “all good things come       to those who wait”

We are happy to announce that we are re-instating the Kid-jitsu class which will be held every Monday @ 4.30pm. After a brief fall in numbers we now have enough to warrant a class in its own right again.
We take children from as young as three and a half so long as they are toilet trained.

Holiday Dates!

A reminder of the dates the club will be closed during 2017:
Bank Holidays
15 April
17 April
1 May
29 May
28 August
Christmas Break
We break up on the 15th December and return on the 2nd  January
Grading Dates!

As from January 2017 all gradings will take place on SATURDAY afternoon at 12pm. The grading dates for next year are posted on the notice board in reception.
Wise Words!
“There is a difference between interest and commitment.
When you are interested in something you do it when it is convenient.
When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results”

Contact Us!
For information on anything happening at the Centre or if you would like to share some exciting news with everybody then let us know and we will feature it on the next news letter.
Centre number: 01943 968002
079677 39232
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