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posted 13.07.16


After a successful “extra ju-jitsu practice and junior circuits” trial run during the Easter holidays we thought we would repeat the sessions for the summer holidays. The sessions will run from 11am – 12.30/45pm.

 POLITE REMINDER: The ju-jitsu sessions are not to be used as a replacement for normal lessons which will be running as usual.
 The proposed dates are:
 Tuesday 2 August                                                    
 Thursday 4 August                                            
 Tuesday 9 August                                              
 Thursday 11 August                                               
 Tuesday 16 August                                                              Thursday 18 August                                              
 Tuesday 23 August                                              
 Thursday 25 August                                         

Sessions will be charged at £10 for both or £6 each with payment being pain in advance with no refunds (extenuating circumstances allowed)

Please note: the sessions will not run if there are less than 6 children at any one session.

posted 13.04.16
Club Closure

Due to the Tour de Yorkshire coming to Otley on the Saturday 30th April and all the roads being closed from early morning we have decided it would be wise to cancel classes on this day.  Remember that missed classes can be made up at alternative classes through the week.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

posted 07.04.16
Incorrect Standing Order payment 

Please note that any further correspondence in connection with incorrect standing order payments will generate a charge of £2.50 to cover additional administration costs. Thank you.

posted 04.04.16
Prices explanation letter
Please Note: For clarification, all our training fees are worked out on a duration of 12 x 4 week month’s (not 5 weeks like most months consist of). This is then broken down into 12 easy payments spread over the year.
In this price we have already calculated for the few closures we have over the year which are all the Monday Bank Holidays, Otley Cycle Race, Easter Saturday and a longer break at Christmas. 
So if your child’s training day is a Monday or a Saturday, these closures do not affect the overall price you pay. However missed lessons can be made up as long as they are within the same months’ time span.
If parents would prefer to just pay for lessons that your child attends then you would be advised to change to our Pay As You Go (PAYG) method. We cannot
offer further reduced rates if you choose to pay Monthly in Advance or by Standing Order.
I.E: If your chosen payment methods are to Pay in Advance/S.O and you have planned to go on holiday for two weeks during that month then your options are to revert to PAYG for that month or your child can make up lessons on your return.
Exceptions can be made given extenuating circumstances such prolonged illness/injury.

posted 06.04.16
kid-jitsu Class Reshuffle

Dear Parents,
Here at the centre we are always striving to provide a professional service in all levels of the business. This includes reshuffling the order of things to fit in with the bigger picture enabling the centre to run fluidly.

We would like your feedback on our decision to move the Kid-jitsu class to a Monday night at the same time of 4.30pm instead of Wednesday?

This makes more sense for the smooth and efficient running of the centre and also from a class scheduling point of view; also it makes the best use of principal instructors and other helpers’ time.

Proposed changeover date will be Monday the 9 May so the last class for the Wednesday slot will be the 4 May.
If you could just put your reply; Yes, I would prefer Monday, No, I prefer Wednesday at the bottom of this letter and hand it back in at the desk that would be appreciated. Thank you.

posted 18.03.16
Junior Circuits/Extra Ju-jitsu lessons

Dear Parents,

A quick letter to gauge interest as to whether your child/ren would like the idea of a Junior Circuit Training(JCT) session and extra Ju-jitsu practice lessons through the school holidays.
The sessions would run back to back on Mondays & Fridays @ 11am and will run for forty five minutes to an hour approximately, then a short break followed by the ju-jitsu lesson which will finish at 1pm.
Each session would be charged at £3.50 for club members, non-members £5.00 (JCT only) and would run on a pay as you go basis. So if your child wanted to do both sessions it would cost you £7.00 (member).
If there is enough interest I plan to start these sessions during the Easter holidays. I think this a brilliant idea for those kids with high energy levels and also the jujitsu lessons are a great way to get extra practice in ready for grading’s.
If you are interested in either of the sessions (you don’t need to commit to both) just hand this letter back to the desk with your childs/rens name on it. If the numbers are good then we will start Monday 4th April.
Please Note: These sessions are only available to children 6 years and above, sorry.