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 Grading Dates for 2017


28th January
25th February
25th March
29th April
27th May
24th June
29th July
26th August
30th September
28th October
27th November


28th January
25th March
27th May ( includes black belt grading)
29th July
26th August
28th October

There are many more grading dates in 2017 to give students more opportunities to move up the grades at a pace which is better suited to those that train regularly. 

Also, all gradings will now be held on Saturday afternoons at 12pm.

Grading Day 24th June 2017

Well done to everybody who graded today. Only a small group but these little ninjas are well on their way to becoming the future of Otley Ju-jitsu Club. 

A big thank you as always to our helpers on the day...you know who you are..
Congratulations to:
From L-R: Alex Baker, Freddie Hooper, Maggie MacGregor & Elspeth Ross

Grading Day 29th April 2017
Grading Day 25th March 2017
What a great performance again by the Otley ju-jitsu kids...amazing efforts and equally amazing results.

Just a small group again but by no means did that mean they didn't mean business.

These kids couldn't do what they enjoy and clearly excel at if it wasn't for the continued support of their parents so i would like to say a big well done and thank you to those parents who bring their kids week in week out; this is what you get in return...happy confident children!

Gradings are not possible without our little helpers so a big thank you to all those who helped today.

A special congratulations goes to George Chambers who graded for Junior Black belt Shodan Ho and blew the grading panel away. A massive well done to you George.

Also congratulations to our senior grader of the day Kam Ghatura who gained his 3rd Kyu Brown belt after months of hard work and determination, well done Kam

Congratulations to:
Back row (L-R): Joseph Rodgers, Freddie Elder, Bradley Jefferies, George Chambers, George Jopson & Jake Slater
Front row (Helpers L-R): James Hewitt, Coby Laurenson, Eleanore JeanGuillaum, Charlotte Chambers, Katharine Howard & Max Baker

Grading Day 25th February 2017

A small number of graders today but a big effort was given by all. A big well done to all those who passed.
A big thank you to all our helpers: James Hewitt, Oliver Johnstone, Georgie Robinson and Alistair Robinson.

Congratulations to:
Iseabail Ross,Jessica Johnstone, Dylan Roberts, Elin Liddle and Evan Wilson

 Grading Day 28th January 2017

Well what a way to start off the new year!
Today was a good day for those who graded , especially Katharine Howard who got her junior Black belt. 
Also cause for celebration as Jack Bailey and James Stott did well enough to skip a grade.

All the other students who graded on the day did an exceptional job also and deserve a big pat on the back.
We are really proud of all our students who show long term dedication and commitment to Ju-jitsu. 
Well done every one !

Congratulations to:
Back row (L-R): Mae Crampton, Partick Hardin, Jake Wilkinson, Joseph Donohue, Katharine Howard, Max Baker, Archie Smith, Alex Baker, Oscar Hall, James Stott & Alex Gore.
Front row (L-R): Jack Bailey

Also congratulations to senior students Mary Martin and Matthew Chivers who also graded on the day.
 Matthew showed great skill and variety and came out with his 1st Kyu instead of his 2nd Kyu which he was grading for.
Mary put on a sterling performance and showed that ju-jitsu is good for females as well as males. Good  show both of you.

Junior Grading Day 27th November 2016

The last grading of the year and it went down with a bang. Some kids were going for really high grades and they all proved worthy to wear such a grade.

The lower grades were just as impressive and everybody on the day came to do their best. a massive well done to all of you!

And last but by no means least, a big thank you to those that gave up their spare time to help on the day: Katharyn Howard and Georgie Robinson.

Congratulations to:
Back row (L-R): Luke Silock, JJ Halifax, Adam Thompson, Goerge Chambers, James Hewitt, George Grigorjev & Dylan Roberts.
Front row (L-R): Charlotte Chambers, Frank Johnson, Oliver Pickard, Elsie Dade, Wilfred Donnelly, Edward Abram & Nye Coombes.

Junior Grading Day 25th September 2016

I just wanna say how proud i am of these guys. They came today to show me their "sick" ju-jitsu skills and boy did they ever.
A big well done to everyone who graded and those that gave up their precious time to came and help who were Carl Laurenson (Grading) James Hewitt and Oliver Johnstone(helpers).

Congratulations to:
Back row (L-R): Charlie Hughes, Oscar Johnson,Patrick Hardin, Max Halifax, Elspeth Ross, Joseph Meadows, Ben Robinson, Joseph Sandlan & Humphrey Donnelly.
Front row (L-R): Maeve Hughes, Isiobel Ross, Ella Smith, Jessica Johnstone, Elin Liddle, Austin "Powers" Downes & Maggie MacGregor

Junior Grading Day 27th July 2016

Wow...what a great day today was! These young kids that  turn up week after week to learn ju-jitsu never cease to amaze me. 

For some the journey is longer but by no means less impressive when they turn up for grading and smash it.

All the juniors that graded today did themselves and the club proud , and i'm sure their parents were well impressed with their achievements also.

A big thank you to our helpers also: 
Georgie Robinson & Bradley Jefferies

Congratulations to:
Back row (L-R): Tom Hoggart,Billy Spenceley, Millie Threlfall, Archie Smith, Mae Crampton, Emily Fisher, Alex Baker, James Stott, Sujay Oruganti, Ben Kitwood.
Front row (L-R): William Guy, Noah Taylor-Smith,Oliver Chadwick, Ewan Brown, Jack Bailey

Junior Grading Day 29th May 2016

Only a small group of graders today but what a big impact! A big well done to everyone who graded, especially to James & Oliver who graded to brown belt. Also we welcome two new yellow belts, Patrick & Noah, but lets not forget the commitment made from Evan & Freddie who are working their way to the higher grades, well done boys.

Congratulations to:
From left to right: James Hewitt, Evan Wilson,Patrick Hardin, Noah Dobson, Freddie Hooper & Oliver Johnstone

Senior Grading Day 29th May 2016

What a performance we were given today by our senior students!!As you can from the pic below we have big smiley faces.

Firstly a big thank you to all the "Uke's" that turned up on the day, without your help grading days like this just will not happen.

Congratulations  go to Carl (Carlos) Laurenson who graded to 1st Dan, another black belt we are proud to enter on to the Black Belt Wall of Fame. Also a massive well done to our new brown belt, Matthew Chivers who brought his own unique and original display of martial arts experience.

Again we welcome two new yellow belts to the club, Louis & Darren, neither have been with us very long but have shown true martial arts spirit by knuckling under during practice and showing excellent attitude on the day.

Last but not least a big well done to one of our few females in the club. Sam brought her best attitude today and she was rewarded with a brilliant score and a brand new green belt. All together we make a formidable team.

Congratulations to:
From left to right: Matthew Chivers, Louis Hajimitsis, Carl (Carlos) Laurenson, Darren Beardsworth & Sam Robinson

Thank you to the Ukes

From left to right: Declan Pack, Nathaniel Steele, Matthew,  Louis, Gary Johnson, Carlos, Darren, Sam, Damien Johnstone,Joseph Pack & Nathan (Bingo) Marshall.

Grading Day 20th March 2016

Today's grading took part over two time slots because of the number of eager little ninjas wanting to get their next belt, and what a brilliant job they all did. Especially to Isaac Burrage who got the highest mark in his group. Well done Isaac.

Junior 1 Class

Congratulations to:
Back Row: Isaac Burrage,Joe Rogers,Humphrey Donnelly, Elspeth Ross, MIchael Pickard, JJ Halifax, Noah Spenceley & George Grigorjev(absent from photo).
Front Row: Grace Fisher, Isaebail Ross, Ben Kitwood, Alex Gore & Joseph Donohue

Junior 2 Class

A special well done goes to Charlotte Chambers for doing a brilliant job on Sunday. Charlotte was well prepared for her grading and it showed massively in  her performance on the day. This was due to her hard work and commitment in class which is why Charlotte was awarded  a Great Effort Gi badge. Well done Charlotte. 

Congratulations to:
Back Row: Billy Craig, Coby Laurenson, Lucas Simpson & Eleanore Jeanguillaume.
Front Row: Alistair Robinson, Teddy Craig, Charlotte Chambers & George Chambers

Grading Day 14th February 2016

Congratulations on a brilliant show of technique and strong mental attitude goes to the adults who graded today. Well done everyone and thanks also to those that came down to help and show their support for their friends; without you the show can not go on.

Congratulations to:

Back row: Mark Hannar, Matthew Chivers, Owen Garnett, Damian Johnstone & Sirje Sillamaa.
Front row: Tom Girling & Christian McCarthy-Wright

Grading Day 24th January 2016

Another fantastic show was put on for our enjoyment at todays grading by our junior students. A special mention goes to Jessica Lyon - Wilson who did a brilliant job today
grading for her purple belt. Getting a purple belt is a massive achievement in its own right but to get one with confidence as Jessica did was testament to her years of dedication and hard work. Well done Jessica!

Congratulations to:

Back row: Ben Robinson, Bradley Jeffries, Jacob Parapia, Adam Thomson & Jessica Lyon-Wilson.
Front row: Alex baker, Ewan Brown, Maggie MacGegor & Oscar Hall

Grading Day 22nd November 2015

Once again the junior students brought their attitude to the grading today and all left with their tabs and smiling faces.

 Congratulations to:
Oscar Johnson, Harley Powell,Teddy Craig, Jakub Marszewski, Emily Fisher, Max Baker, Alex Baker, Riley King,George Grigorjev, Teddy Craig, Max Halifax, Fionn Westhead & Noah Taylor-Smith

Grading Day 4th October 2015

What a grading success the 4th  of October was. As you can see from some very smiley faces all the adults who graded were very happy with their results. Congratulations go to Nathan Marshall for grading to yellow belt.

Nathan hasn't been with us very long so to pass his grading with such confidence is a testament to his ability to learn and conquer the techniques and make them look easy.

Also to John Howes who  managed to rid himself of some demons on the day to come away with his blue belt.

But a very special well done goes to Carl Laurenson who presented for Brown belt but due to an outstanding performance he was promoted to Black Belt Shodan Ho.

Well done to all of you and of course a big thank you to their ukes( partners in crime) who helped them train up for their special day.

Grading Day 27th September 2015

A big well done to our latest ju-jitsu younglings. They all put on a great show on grading day with brilliant results.
Congratulations go to :
Back row: Oliver Johnstone, Joseph Meadows, Ben Robinson & James Hewitt.
Front row: Jay Halifax, Austin "Powers" Downes & Tom Hoggart

Grading Day 26th July 2015

Congratulations to:

Back Row: Oscar Johnson, Elspeth Ross, Joseph Waite, Tyler Kerr-Luxmore, Archie Smith & Ben Robinson
Front Row: Josh DiCaprio, Iseabail Ross, Millie Threlfall,
Evan Wilson, Noah Taylor-Smith & Freddie Hooper
What a fantastic show they put on for us. Well done to you all for giving your best efforts and making everybody proud: parents and teachers alike.

Congratulations also to Richard Blackburn who graded to yellow belt 26th July 2015. He earned his grade that day. Well done Richard.

Congratulations Eleanore!

A big well done to Eleanore Jeanguillaume (pictured left) who won the prestigious Kenshinkan Student Award for good sportsmanship!

At our recent Kenshinkan Interclub competition in July we were short of someone to partner a visiting competitor for a kick boxing bout and brave Eleanore stood up and took the challenge without hesitation.

This was a brave thing for Eleanore to do as she has had very little kick boxing experience so a big pat on the back for you Eleanore.

This is not the first time Eleanore has accepted this challenge,  last year she did the same thing so we felt it was only right and fitting that she was rewarded with our very special student award after this years performance. As you can see from her picture she is very happy with her achievement.