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Get to know the Otley Ju-Jitsu team:
"The kids"

Meet Katharine Howard, age 9, 
 Low Junior Brown belt

Katherine first started in the kid-jitsu class at the Otley Health and Martial Arts Centre aged 4 and has progressed to brown belt with much commitment and determination. To achieve this impressive high level at such a young age shows how much time Katherine has dedicated to her training to become one of the highest junior grades in the club, an achievement not to be sniffed at. Being a strong member of the club has given Katherine a new set of friends outside of school and has helped improve her self confidence as well as keeping her fit and active.

Katherine is well on her way to achieving her long term goal of gaining her black belt and with the guidance of her instructors Clare and Mike she wants to progress even further in the art of Ju-jitsu.

As Katherine's proud parents we can see massive changes in her attitude to learning in general and believe this is down to the way Clare and Mike interact with and guide her by being good positive role models.  

Meet George Brown, age 9,
 Low Junior Brown belt

When George first started Ju-jitsu he was a very shy young boy with little self confidence. We were recommended he try Ju-jitsu from friends whose son was already attending classes and had seen the benefits for their son. After a very short period of uncertainty we saw an immediate improvement in his confidence and George soon became brave enough to attend the classes by himself which was a big step for him.

George quickly made new friends and has become a strong member of the club and instructor Clare says he likes to share his sharp and funny sense of humour with class much to their mutual amusement.

He still enjoys going to his weekly class and taking the challenge of learning new skills and working his way through the grades. George says he'll keep doing Ju-jitsu until he is too old to carry on.

Meet George Chambers, age 8,
 Low Junior Brown belt

I started Ju-Jitsu when I was 5 years old in the Kid-jitsu class. I have now moved up to the junior class where I am a brown belt. I really like the lots of different things we learn in the junior class and it also helps me burn off some steam after having to be quiet at school.

Since I have been doing Ju-jitsu the teachers at my school have said that my work and concentration have improved. I am also doing more sports because I have the confidence to try them and I feel stronger.

I hope I will get my Black belt before I leave primary school. My little sister Charlotte also does Ju-jitsu and enjoys doing the break fall competitions that we have sometimes. She wanted to try ju-jitsu after watching me and comes up to four times a week. Charlotte also wants to get her Black belt as soon as she can.

Meet Eleanore Jeanguillaume,
age 10,
Low Junior Brown belt

I have wanted to do martial arts since I was very little, but it wasn't until I moved to Otley in 2010 that I found Mike & Clare.

From the beginning Ju-jitsu has helped me become more confident in everything I do. This place is my second home and I am proud to be here.

Ju jitsu is a big part of my life and a big part of who I am, and it always will be.

Meet Max Baker,
age 9,
Low Junior Purple belt

Max started ju-jitsu when he was just 6 years old. When asked why he like doing ju-jitsu, Max replied " because its fun and I get to make new friends".

Max enjoys the challenge of getting new belts and learning new techniques. He is learning the Inner Winding throw at the moment and is close to getting his tab.

Max wants to be a black belt by the age of 15 or lower. With his commitment to training up to 4 times a week and determination he is well on his to achieve this. Ju-jitsu is his favourite activity and then football.

Meet Georgie Robinson, age 10,
Low Junior Brown belt(photo coming soon)
Georgie started jujitsu four years ago, aged 6. She joined after her Dad started and he thought it was a good way of focusing her exuberance. Georgie has thrived at the club in the friendly and supportive atmosphere and is now a brown belt. She enjoys having the confidence of self-defense knowledge, she likes learning new techniques and she has made lots of really good friends at the club. 

Meet Coby Laurenson , age 9,
Low Junior Purple belt(more coming about Coby soon)

Meet Lucas Simpson, age 9,
Low Junior Purple belt(more coming about Lucas soon)