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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

We try to keep the costs down as far as we can to make training as inclusive as possible. We do this by offering the first lesson free of charge with no obligation, neither do we charge exorbitant start up or grading fees like other martial arts centres. There is no need to buy any equipment up front; we would rather your child came back to us because they enjoyed it and not to “get your money’s worth” after paying unnecessary start up costs. 

Payment for training is required monthly in advance whether by direct debit or cash. There is a “Pay as you go” option but this works out dearer than the monthly cost. (Full payment details can be provided on request). There is a yearly membership renewable on the 1 April which at present costs only £37.50 for a single and £95.00 for a family (three or more). Please note: We do allow a settling in period of four weeks then you need to decide. Due to this the membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.   

What does my child need to wear?

At first you can send them in some loose trousers/shorts and a t-shirt. When you decide your child really likes it and wants to stay you can buy them their own Gi (suit) from us. This comes with their very own white belt and as soon as they get this they can start collecting their tabs.  

Will they need a drink?

Yes. It can get quite warm working and playing hard so we have little drink breaks throughout the lesson. We only allow water or juice in the dojo so no fizzy drinks please. If you forget to bring a drink doesn’t panic, we always keep plenty of water and juice at hand for just 50p.

What will my child learn?

The main focus will be learning how to break fall and how to throw others. This is done through active play and technical practice with lots of different games and drills that will help develop their confidence, body conditioning, hand/eye co-ordination, balance plus more. They are not taught any potentially dangerous techniques or throws, but they are taught kicking and punching towards a partner and onto impact shields. All these activities are carried out in a totally controlled environment with two or more instructors present to teach and supervise.  

How often does my child need to train?

As often as possible is the honest answer. The more they come they will progress at a reasonable pace and it will make it easier for them to retain what they have been taught. 

How safe is ju-jitsu?

Safe enough if taught properly in a well-controlled environment with ample supervision. Although we do our best to ensure the children stay safe accidents can happen. Please understand that ju-jitsu is a very physical sport with contact so there is a small risk of your child being hurt. As far as interaction with the other children is concerned, we promote a “team spirit” and will not tolerate bullying or inappropriate behaviour. All children are informed that if we hear they have been using ju-jitsu inside or outside the club without permission or inappropriately they may be temporarily or permanently excluded. 

Are the classes mixed ability?

Yes they are. Beginners can be inspired by and learn a lot from those who have been coming for a while. Equally beneficial is that higher graded students have the responsibility to show the newcomers how to behave in the Dojo which refreshes and embeds their existing behaviours. 

What about measuring progress? 

All junior students have a syllabus to work from which has six or eight sections depending on age. For each section completed your child will earn a coloured tab relevant to next belt in the order of grades. Once all coloured tabs have been awarded your child will be well on their way to grade for the next belt. Grading letters will be given out when your child is eligible. 

Do you close during the school holidays?

No we don’t. We close on the few Bank holiday Mondays throughout the year. Additionally we know how excited children get when the Easter Bunny and Santa are coming so we close for a short time during these periods. Exact days will be posted up in the reception area plus be highlighted in the regular club newsletters so make sure you pick one up when they are available for all our club news.