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Adult Ju-Jitsu Classes
 Tuesday and Thursday 
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Kenshinkan JuJitsu
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OJJ ( Otley Ju-Jitsu) practice a style of Ju-jitsu called Goshin Ryu which is a combat style with hard contact. It is a very diverse discipline and includes but is not limited to throwing, striking & punching, kicking, hold-downs and ground work. As a student here you will benefit immensely from having male and female instructors as their joint expertise and experience offers different aspects of the discipline, giving a fantastic insight to what techniques will work for men and women independently plus collaboratively. This adaptability of techniques is what makes Goshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu special.

We are transparent in our training and teaching approaches. Our aim is to run a straight forward business in providing excellent standards of instruction in Ju-jitsu to those who want to learn something new and exciting in a safe and friendly environment promoting positive
personal development.

Following government Equality and Diversity guidelines we will not refuse training to anyone regardless of gender, physical ability, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, race or religion. Equally will we not tolerate aggressive or what we deem as inappropriate behaviour towards the instructors or other students and reserve the right to permanently exclude those that do not conform to our club ethos and principles.

How much will it cost?
We try to keep the costs down as far as we can to make training as inclusive as possible. We do this by offering the first lesson free of charge with no obligation, neither do we charge exorbitant start up or grading fees like other martial arts centres. There is no need to buy any equipment up front; we would rather your child came back to us because they enjoyed it and not to “get your money’s worth” after paying unnecessary start up costs.

Payment for training is required monthly in advance whether by direct debit or cash. There is a “Pay as you go” option but this works out dearer than the monthly cost. (View our full price list here). There is a yearly membership renewable on the 1 April. Please note: We do allow a settling in period of four weeks then you need to decide. Due to this the membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

What do I need to wear?
At first you can hire a suit from us (please see attached form) or come in some loose trousers/shorts and a t-shirt (with sleeves). When you decide you really like it and want to become a member you can buy your own Gi from us.

 What kind of people train at your club?
People like yourself who want to learn a new skill and/or share what they already know. We all come together to learn off each other; instructors as well as students.  There are no egos here but there is a deep respect for those who have put the time and effort into achieving their grades. We are a non- competitive club so there is no pressure to enter competitions, we train for fitness, good health and getting together with like minded people.

 How safe is ju-jitsu?
Safe enough if taught properly in a well-controlled environment with ample supervision. Although we do our best to ensure that we train safely, accidents can happen, although this is very rare. Please understand that ju-jitsu is a very physical sport with heavy contact so there is potentially a small risk of you getting hurt. ALL students are expected to treat what they are being taught as a privilege and should not use the techniques inside or outside the club inappropriately. Safety of yourself and your partners during training should be at the forefront of your mind at ALL times.

 Are the classes mixed ability?
Yes they are. Beginners can be inspired by and learn a lot from those who have been coming for a while. Also higher graded students have the responsibility to show the newcomers how to behave in the Dojo which refreshes and embeds existing behaviours.

Measuring your progress! 
Grading’s are held approx. every three months. It is not compulsory to grade, but in order to achieve the Black Belt there has to be some bench mark of technical expertise and grading’s are the traditional way to do this. Grading can be stressful, but overcoming this is also part of the normal progression and learning curves enabling you to cope when under pressure.

Attire& Equipment
There is not a lot of training equipment needed when you first start training but eventually when you become a member you will need to buy the following basic compulsory equipment; Gi, Fighting mitts and Groin guard. Recommended items for your safety are gums shields and foot & leg protectors. If you want to wear a t-shirt under your Gi you are more than welcome to do so, just make sure it’s black; also ladies make sure you wear a good sports bra, there’s nothing more embarrassing than “falling out” oops! All the gear required can be bought through from the centre at reduced rates; it would be greatly appreciated if you would buy it from us as it all helps to support your club.

 How often should I train?
As often as possible is the honest answer. There is no substitute for hard work. The more you come the more you progress at a reasonable pace and it will make it easier to retain and embed what you have been taught.

Training Times:

Tuesdays:              7.30pm - 9.00pm

Thursdays:             7.30pm - 9.00pm

If you have any more questions or concerns then please contact us here or call Clare on 07971 127788 for more information.