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CANCELLED.......Ladies only Ju-jitsu classes  starting soon at the Otley Health and Martial Arts Centre on a Tuesday morning @11am-12pm.

Learn some life saving skills and get into shape at the same time. Its a great all over body workout plus it will improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Ju-jitsu is all about gaining the advantage on an opponent and defending using locks, chokes, submissions, punching, kicking and much more. 

If you are interested in learning something new in a friendly safe environment then contact Clare here


A complete Weight-loss and Weight Management Programme with a martial arts exercise flavour. Please note: this programme is not about learning ju-jitsu. If you are interested please contact us here

Absolute beginner's course

Watch this space for more details. If you are interested please contact the centre here

Happy New Year everyone!

For the New Yearwe thought we shouldhave a new name to band about which is easier to remember and ,to be honest easier to say. So from now on the club will be known as the Otley Ju-Jitsu Club...simple.

All new clothing and embroidery will be donewith our new name and club logo.

Goals and Achievement Scheme

This programme is open to those students who wish to take their ju-jitsu training that one step further. At a small cost £7.50 students can purchase a booklet that will teach them how to plan and achieve their ju-jitsu goals.

This booklet can be used in conjunction with the syllabus and will guide the student through their belts and help them to progress steadily and confidently.

If you think your child might be interested in joining us on this exciting journey then have a word with Clare or Mike for more details.

Ju-Jitsu Report Sheet

We will soon  be introducing a Ju-Jitsu Report Sheet. These will be sent out to all our younger members to provide parents with an update on how their child is progressing in Ju-Jitsu.

Things..they are a-changing around here............

Dear parents/members.

We are planning a reconstruction of the reception area to incorporate a small space to sub-let and we ask that you bear with us during this time.If you have small children please make sure they are supervised while the work is going on. While we don’t plan on leaving any tools or sharp implements around at class times accidents can still happen.

The work will start Saturday 22 August and should be completed within the following week. Volunteers welcome.....

All lessons will run as normal.....

If you know of anyone who is looking for a small space to rent please ask them to contact us for more details.


posted 18.08.2015


A big well done to Eleanore Jeanguillaume (pictured left) who won the prestigious Kenshinkan Student Award for good sportsmanship!

At our recent Kenshinkan Interclub competition in July we were short of someone to partner a visiting competitor for a kick boxing bout and brave Eleanore stood up and took the challenge without hesitation.

This was a brave thing for Eleanore to do as she has had very little kick boxing experience so a big pat on the back for you Eleanore.

This is not the first time Eleanore has accepted this challenge,  last year she did the same thing so we felt it was only right and fitting that she was rewarded with our very special student award after this years performance. As you can see from her picture she is very happy with her achievement.

posted 04.08.15