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Low / High Juniors

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

With Instructors Clare & Mike assisted by Carl 

In the Junior 1 class the emphasis is on a little less fun than Kid-jitsu but enough for the kids to have some down time  before and after learning their techniques. We concentrate highly on tab work in this class to give them a good grounding for the higher grades to come and moving up to the Junior 2 class.

The biggest difference between Junior 1 and the Kid-jitsu class is that your child can now grade for belts as opposed to collecting the coloured tabs only. Their progress is measured in a similar way to the Kid-jitsu method but when they have gained all their tabs they can be put forward to grade for the next belt. A full explanation of how we measure progress for all classes is given on a separate page. Click here to find out more.

In the Junior 2 class we concentrate more on broadening and deepening your child's knowledge of ju-jitsu. The tabs come at a slower rate with the understanding that all the work we do in this class is ultimately connected to tab work and personal progression. Students are reminded that high grades come through commitment and hard work. The expectation is, especially when reaching purple and above, that technique has to be of a very high standard which can only come with dedicated practice.

Ju-jitsu is particularly good at building confidence and developing motor skills such as co-ordination and balance. It can also be very challenging which makes it an excellent way of bringing children out of their comfort zone and attempt to learn a new set of skills. 

 To help us give your child the best chance of success please inform us if you know or think your child may have special needs such as Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia ect.  At  Otley Ju-jitsu Club we employ a buddy system where if your child needs extra help we can organise this using one of our older students for a small extra cost to you paid directly to your child’s “buddy”.
Please note, we are not special needs funded or trained; we will only be able to deal with their needs the best we can with our own life experiences and your help, advice and direction. 
If you have any more questions or concerns then please feel free to call Clare at the centre on 01943 968002 or contact us here.