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Kid-Jitsu(for ages 4-6yrs)

Monday 4:30pm - 5:30pm

With instructor Clare assisted by helpers Mary & James
Welcome to the Kid-jitsu class. This is where your child will the learn fundamentals of ju-jitsu in preperation for their ever increasing ju-jitsu journey. In this class the emphasis is on learning while having fun with little but intensive time on learning actual technique. In the Kid-jitsu class we are not looking for perfection but rather a loose grasp of what they are expected learn.

Their progress is measured by the tab system we use and is unique to our club. Once your child has reached a stage where they have learnt their first break fall(rolling); if they have not got one already, they will be issued with a white belt and can then start to collect their tabs. They have 4 sections to learn for each colour and they receive a tab when one of these sections has been learnt. Briefly put they need to collect 4 tabs of each colour which represent the belt order working from yellow to brown.

My work with the younger members of the club proves to be entertaining and rewarding. My teaching principles are to be firm but fair and always inject fun in to their learning experience. Many parents want to take me home to work my special magic for them.. but unfortunately my magic only works in the Dojo...

 Having a humanistic approach to teaching means I take my duty of care very seriously and I always encourage team spirit and fairness . My aim is to make the learning experience and environment healthy, inclusive and safe.

As a parent myself I am aware of how daunting it can be to leave your child with someone new and unknown but please be assured that I take my role as carer very seriously.  While I have firm discipline  and principles I am conscious that some children need a little extra help to adjust to this strange environment we call a Dojo. As a parent you can help ease this process my putting your trust in me and allow me to introduce your child independently to the class.

  Kid-jitsu is a brilliant way for children to keep fit and healthy. Recommendations made by The World Health Organisation suggest that children need at least 1 hour of exercise a day to prevent conditions such as obesity, lethargy and boredom to mention a few.

Your childs interaction with others builds their social aptitudes as well as developing other necessary life skills such as working as a team, learning to work independently and most of all gives them a sense of independence and acceptance for who they are.  

Kid-jitsu is particularly good at building confidence and developing motor skills such as co-ordination and balance. It can also be very challenging which makes it an excellent way of bringing children out of their comfort zone and attempt to learn a new set of skills.

 To help us give your child the best chance of success please inform us if you know or think your child may have special needs such as Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia ect.  At the Otley Ju-jitsu Club  we employ a buddy system where if your child needs extra help we can organise this using one of our older students for a small extra cost to you paid directly to your child’s “buddy”.

Please note, we are not special needs funded or trained; we will only be able to deal with their needs the best we can with our own life experiences and your help, advice and direction. 

If you have any more questions or concerns then please feel free to call Clare at the centre on 01943 968002 or contact us here.