Otley Health and Martial Arts Centre - make us your home

Below is a brief explanation of the prices for Kid-jitsu, Junior and Adult Ju-jitsu lessons and other costs associated with OJJ.

Kid-jitsu lessons    £7.50 per lesson/£25:00 per month
Junior lessons      £7.50 per lesson/from £28:00 per month
Adult lessons       £8.50 per lesson/from £32:00 per month
Other pricing options are available. We also allow payments via standing order for your convenience. Full price lists and standing order forms are available from reception.

Annual membership:

Kid-jitsu £30.00
Juniors £37.50
Adults £37.50 

GI's from £20.00
Groin Guards (adults only)from £5.00
Club T-shirts (children's) from £15.00
Club T-shirts (adults) from £20.00
Club Hoodies (children's)from £20.00
Club Hoodies (adults)from £25.00